Margot. Polina Soyref

Margot, 28, designer

interviewed on 29.05.2020

In the beginning, the very few first weeks or so, I felt a little bit nervous, there was general anxiety in the community. People seemed to be thinking: «What’s gonna happen?», «Are we going to have enough food?» But then, these basic problems wound down quite fast.

I’m a designer, so I was working from home for some time already. It wasn’t such a big change. But at the same time, there was something that felt different. Working from home before the lockdown and when everyone was sitting at home was somehow different. It was the same, but not the same.

Sometimes it felt like a vacation, but being at home. Of course, all the news about quarantine and Corona was a little bit overwhelming. At the same time, somehow, It felt so cozy and nice, just being together with the family, a little bit more calm, relaxed.

Of course, I missed seeing other people and talking to them, not over the phone, but being close to them as well. And moving, I missed it. Even though I was working from home before, I was always active and worked out. It’s really important to me. But then suddenly, I had the social pressure of not going out at all. I was a little bit afraid: «What are people going to say?». But then, after a while, a nice thing I started doing was taking a long walk in the park and by the sea every evening; still trying to keep it up, this tradition, quarantine tradition.

I think a lot of people talked about it, that everyone got more sensible in terms of what they really need. For me, it also seems to be true: before, everyone around me was always busy and there was this feeling: «I have to rush somewhere and do something and meet someone and buy this and that.» All that time at home somehow created this feeling that it is actually fine to be still as well. I think this may be something that I want to keep in mind for now.

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