Teet. Polina Soyref, portrait photographer

Teet, 50, engineer, Master of Science

interviewed on: 14 May 2020

Everybody understood that life is changing. Life tomorrow will not be what it was yesterday. In the autumn, I had a crisis because of losing my job; now, there’s a worldwide crisis.

At the moment, everyone is re-evaluating their values. The upcoming summer and autumn will be very different from the ones before. Right now, it’s fascinating to look around: everything is changing. It’s hard to go on holiday somewhere far away. No one wants to go to a hotel in Italy or Norway. Instead, people are traveling their own country—they go to their country house or to their grandmother. You don’t need 5-star hotels. You can go back mosquito-eaten and sunburnt, so you can see you’ve really been on vacation—that’s great!

Those who were always going to resorts are now discovering their own homeland for themselves. Residents of the capital are visiting Hiiumaa (and maybe Saaremaa), the lands of the Seto people in South Estonia, Ida-Virumaa, etc. People who live in villages are spending their vacation in Tallinn: looking at tourist attractions, the nightlife of the old city, and the local ghosts. Everything starts to fall into place again, while some new values develop.

You need to examine your own values and wishes: what you want from yourself, from your parents, kids, friends. It becomes clear who is your friend and who is not; the crisis helps with these questions.

I never have the time to help friends or start doing the things I’ve postponed for many years. The countryside also demands its' own: need to fix the outbuildings, plant the flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, oh yeah… my wife wanted a greenhouse, yeah. If a man says he’ll do something—that means he’ll do it, you don’t need to remind him of it every spring.

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