My name is Polina, I’m originally from the Urals, currently living and working in Tallin.

Group Exhibitions and awards:

  • “Portraits Without Faces”, PH21 Gallery (Budapest, 2020 / participated in the exhibition )
  • Allard Prize Photography Competition (Canada, 2020 / winner)
  • “Prints” (St. Petersburg, 2020 / participated in the exhibition)
  • The Fifth Photo Biennale, Russian Museum (St.Petersburg, 2019 / participated in the exhibition)


  • Kurara band (Yekaterinburg)
  • HairFcker studio and school (St.Petersburg)
  • E.M.A Model Agency (Tallinn)
  • Most businesss school (Tallinn)

and other local brands, cafes, bands.

About/Contacts. Polina Soyref, portrait photographer


  • soiref_p@mail.ru
  • facebook.com/soyref

+372 58026867 (Estonia/EU), +79817336527 (whatsapp)

Or leave a message here and I will contact you.

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