About photoshoots

Photoshoot/Prices. Polina Soyref, portrait photographer

I like working with different moods and emotional states. I don't like posing, any movement in the frame should come from inside and feel natural. Yes, it won't happen all the time, but I'm aiming for it. I will try to guide you during the photoshoot, to suggest how to move and what sensations to pay attention to.

We can work with emotions and experiences that you're interested in;
I understand these kinds of requests and enjoy working with them.


In Tallinn I have a studio at Põhjala Tehas (Marati, 5, Kopli). There we will not be limited by time, and there is good coffee and pastries from Karjase Sai nearby.

In other cities, I will suggest locations — and we'll choose one that you like.

It's always possible to shoot at home, or in any other place you like. There needs to be light, quiet enough so that we won't be disturbed, but most importantly it should be somewhere you're comfortable.

For two? For a family?

Yes, of course. Bring your partner, friend, brother/sister. A photoshoot for two is a story about your relationship.

Photoshoots for families with kids usually are more dynamic and closer to reporting than classical portraits.

Film or digital?

For personal portrait shoots, I prefer film. This allows a greater focus on the process, everything becomes slower and more meditative. But you can always let me know if you prefer digital.

Photoshoots with small children — only digital or film with a digital camera as a backup.

In general, we will decide what to use together with you, depending on your goals.

In any case you will get the pictures in digital format: in the case of film I will do scanning and correction if needed.


For one or two people

  • film or digital;
  • series of 10-15 photos;
  • help with choosing an outfit and location;

100€ (studio included)

A shoot usually takes 1,5 — 2 hours, photos will be ready within a month.

You don't have to come with an idea or image; I'm interested in the person, meaning you. But if you have something specific in mind — please tell me and we'll figure out how to make it happen

For a family with a child / for a large family

  • digital, film photos can be a bonus;
  • series of 30-50 photos;
  • help with choosing outfits and location (can be your home as well);

from 140 € (studio included)

A shoot usually takes 1,5 — 2 hours, photos will be ready within a month.

Please write and I will send a portfolio. I like family shoots and do them in color, honestly!

For everything else

just contact me.

  • music promos;
  • fashion shoots;
  • shoots for local businesses;
  • visual essays, reporting.

… and anything else you haven't found in this list, but think might be interesting.

Price depends on the project, usage of photos, etc. All of this can be discussed.

I can decline a project if it doesn't appeal to me for some reason.

These descriptions are not templates, but my observations of how it usually happens. Prices and the minimum number of photos stay the same, but the duration and content can change.

The best option is to write to me and tell me what you want to do.


  • soiref_p@mail.ru
  • facebook.com/soyref

+372 58026867 (Estonia/EU), +79817336527 (whatsapp)

Or leave a message here and I will contact you.