«Tell Me Your Story»

Photo project in Tallinn

Thank you very much for all the responses. Currently, I'm not looking for any more participants. You can follow me on social media — in June I will start publishing photos and stories.

На русском языке здесь: ссылка.

Back in March I was planning to open my studio in April, imagined an opening party and lots of photoshoots, but then everything turned out the way it did.
No parties.

Now I want to open my studio with a project about how we lived through this time when everything changed, plans fell apart and the usual way of things changed completely.

I'm interested in your stories. How did you spend April? How did the emergency affect you? Was it difficult or did it give you a chance to rest? What did you feel, what did you realize, what happened to you?

Photographs are a recording of a moment in time and a marker of a point in life; I think it would be interesting to reflect on this time by means of portraits.

It was difficult and unusual. Let's remember this.

What will happen?

— It will take about an hour;

— I will ask you to tell me how you spent April and will record our conversation (to transcribe it later and use it as text or as a recording);

— I will make a few portrait shots, you will get two or three images via email in a couple of weeks (probably with a transcription of your story);

—  I will ask you to sign a release form allowing me to publish the images and the text/recording (It's a formality and it's not scary);

— It's free. (If you want, you can support the project by donating 5 to 10 € towards the cost of film, but it's completely optional).

In short: an hour of your time and permission to publish in exchange for pictures and a recording of your story to reflect on now and remember it later.

First participants: Roman and Kate


In May, right now: let me know now and we'll pick a good time (I'm planning to film this over a few days, both weekends and workdays).


My studio at Põhjala Tehas (Marati, 5, Kopli). 15-20 minutes by tram from Balti Jaam.


Write to me:

  • soiref_p@mail.ru

+372 58026867 (Estonia/iMessage), +79817336527 (whatsapp)

Or just fill in the form, I will write you back.

What else?

I use a medium format film camera. There won't be any rush. I will help you figure out how to sit and where to look; being photographed is not scary and is interesting.

You can come with someone, if during this month something changed in your relationship and you want to tell about it.

There is hand sanitizer in the studio and I will stay 2 meters away from you.

If you have any other questions — please write to me!